Why DC?  


The current energy supply is on the eve of revolutionary changes. Through renewable energy a shift is taking place and now the emphasis will not be on fossil fuels anymore but on electricity generated by clean, renewable energy. It is already technically possible to make residential areas completely energy neutral. However, we have to revise the outdated power grid and infrastructure as soon as possible because the current grid will not cope with this energy shift. A phased move to DC will be the solution.


DC is a logical choice, not only because of technical facts and arguments, but also because of the explosive electronizing of our society. The components are becoming more and more solid state. Examples of DC components are:  


  • Transition from incandescent to LED lamp
  • Transition from CRT to TFT
  • Future transition to electronic versions of transformer
  • Future transition to electronic switches, solid state components  


For this reason DC will become inevitable. The solid state trend is introduced by the following factors:


  • Reduction of raw materials
  • Possibility to simple mass production
  • Higher efficiency
  • Lower price

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