Board of Directors

Harry Stokman

Chairman • DC Specialist

Harry Stokman started in 1988 an independent company in power electronics and DC systems, specializing in high flows for the process industry. From this position, he has accumulated an extensive knowledge on AC and DC systems. Hence, he came to the conclusion that DC offers many new possibilities and solves many problems within the current network. Following this insight, he has developed himself into a specialist in this field in more than 25 years. In addition to his role as Chairman of the DC Foundation, of which he is also the initiator, he is also the owner of Direct Current B.V., Femtogrid Energy Solutions B.V., and Hellas Rectifiers B.V.

Tim Zijderveld

Vice Chairman • DC Infrastructure

Tim Zijderveld studied Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Enschede, with a major in Chemical Engineering. After several years of working in brand management and market-development positions at Akzo Nobel, he expanded his field to the energy world.

As business manager for decentralized and off-grid technologies for Eneco, Tim is closely involved in smart grid technologies, the development of DC, but also with other technologies such as green gas. In the field of DC, Tim's activities include the Green Deal DC, a DC office room at Joulz B.V., and a large number of projects in the Netherlands.

As a board member of the Foundation, Tim is responsible for external corporate relations, events, and developing the membership structure.

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